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Sherlock Holmes x Reader I Killed It
I Killed It – Sherlock Holmes
For That1Chick
A/N: I decided, instead of doing these in order like the OTP challenge, I'm gonna write them as I come up with ideas, like the soulmate series. I don't know who requested first and if I go in numeral order, I'm going to get stuck and take forever to update, so I'm gonna go by what I feel like writing. Some of them I immediately got ideas, some of them I can't think of any.
You returned home at the weary hour of three o' clock in the morning, followed by Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. As you were John's sister and Sherlock's girlfriend, they insisted that you stay with them while you found a place of your own, and your love of a good mystery intrigued the detective enough to let you join in his cases. John was surprised at the brunet's immediate acceptance of you and immediately wondered if he was growing human emotions such as love and admiration. Sherlock dismissed all such accusations, but even you had begun to notice the way his f
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New Curio City Fashion Squad by princeivythefirst New Curio City Fashion Squad :iconprinceivythefirst:princeivythefirst 130 3 Meridian's New Groove by YarArts2 Meridian's New Groove :iconyararts2:YarArts2 79 47 Hiccelsa Week Day 6: Alternate Universe by Starwarrior4ever Hiccelsa Week Day 6: Alternate Universe :iconstarwarrior4ever:Starwarrior4ever 67 31 Glee Motivator 42 by Kuroi-91 Glee Motivator 42 :iconkuroi-91:Kuroi-91 232 14 Glee by Kotomi-Ichinose Glee :iconkotomi-ichinose:Kotomi-Ichinose 470 57
Cuddles- Sherlock x Reader
        Something you had never expected Sherlock Holmes to be was a cuddler.  But he was.  This was something you had learned after five months into your relationship with the consulting detective.  You found out just this morning, the weight of his arm around your waist, face in the crook of your neck.  Your eyes opened drearily, the morning sun leaking in through the window.  You turn cautiously, trying not to wake your boyfriend up.  Rubbing your eyes sleepily, you watch his form.  He shifts a little in his sleep when you move your arm, but continues to snooze.  He hadn't been sleeping for a couple days because of a case, and the purple bruises under his eyes were getting slightly better after one night of rest.
        You study his face closely, trying to burn the image into your mind.  You mentally trace his features, working on remembering every inch.  Hi
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 27 6
Snorkeling: Barry Allen X Reader
The first word to reach your ears was ‘what’ followed quickly by ‘are you doing?’.
Honestly. For such a good CSI you sometimes questioned Barry’s observational skills. As far you were concerned it was very clear what you were doing.
You drew your head out of the fish tank that normally acted as your coffee table, pulling your head away from your precious Epaulette’s. Adrien and Marinette swam happily along the sandy floor of their enclosure, freshly fed. The feeding stick was still in your hand when you pushed your hair away from your eyes to see Barry Allen, standing in your doorway.
He was staring at you, his brows drawn together while his mouth carved something akin to amusement on his thin features.
You spat the mouthpiece away, into your free hand, and waved the stick at the aquarium.
“Clearly,” you drawled, “I was snorkeling.”
Barry smiled, just a little, like you were a little kid who had declared themselves president.
:iconlore55:lore55 13 1
Attention and Affection [Newt Scamander x Reader]
Every since you had met the soft spoken wizard, you had been fascinated by him. There was just something about his gentle eyes and shy smile that drew you to him. Maybe it was just that you found shy and clumsy to be attractive, or Newt Scamander was just that special.
But when he had first showed you what he hid in his plain old case, you were mesmerized. This man, with such an shy and careful personality was carrying a whole new world in his case, several different creatures living with him. And to be able to see him take care of his beasts just made you fall for him harder.
Soon enough the two of you fell into a routine; as you travelled around the world looking for more beasts, you'd both take care of his little babies. When Newt's was busy with writing his book, you'd feed and care for the adorable creatures. And if some beast required care 24/7, you'd take turns, while one rested the other one tended to the creature.
But there was one creature in particular that had taken a likin
:iconnixdex:nixdex 197 12
Farewell (Newt Scamander X Reader)
note: ok so i absolutely LOVED fantastic beasts !! i seriously recommend seeing this movie, it was amazing !!
also, this contains spoilers for the movie, so if you haven't seen it yet, you probably don't want to read this !!
"So, I guess this is it, then..."
Standing in the harbor, with the occasional squeaks from seagulls, and a gentle breeze floating through, made you realize that some of the craziest days of your life are now over. Even as a wizard, nothing compared to the past few days of your life.
From meeting the man stood in front of you, to having to drag along a No-Maj, to seeing creatures you couldn't believe existing, to having to fight an Obscurus, to facing off against had to admit, you had never had any stranger few days.
And now, standing with Tina and Newt at the harbor, saying goodbye to Newt, made you realize how quickly time had gone.
And you wished badly he didn't have to go so soon.
"Um, yes. B
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 247 64
A Miraculous Daydream by Starwarrior4ever A Miraculous Daydream :iconstarwarrior4ever:Starwarrior4ever 148 27 winter luna by st3rn1 winter luna :iconst3rn1:st3rn1 87 27
Sherlock (BBC) x Reader-That's My Girl
         It was a normal day at 221B Baker Street.
         John was making a much needed pot of tea, Sherlock was reading a book in his chair, and you were sitting in Sherlock’s lap.
         You rested your head in the area between the neck and shoulder and closed your eyes, a small smile forming. Whenever Sherlock turned a page, he would move his hand to run his fingertips up and down your arm before returning it to holding the book.
         Your smile broadened. While you loved the consulting detectives enthusiam and high intellect when he was on a case, you also loved it when Sherlock was calm and showed a gentle, romantic affection towards you.
         Then the moment was ruined when Mycroft walked through the door.
         “Good morning John, (name), Sherlock,” the older Holmes greeted.
:iconwildflowerxwildstar:WildflowerXWildstar 327 10
Jarida Week Stolen Glances by calmdownchristina Jarida Week Stolen Glances :iconcalmdownchristina:calmdownchristina 93 8 Beauty and the Beast by Starwarrior4ever Beauty and the Beast :iconstarwarrior4ever:Starwarrior4ever 156 27 Hiccelsa Week day 2: On Top of the World by Starwarrior4ever Hiccelsa Week day 2: On Top of the World :iconstarwarrior4ever:Starwarrior4ever 133 41



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